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A Hair-Raising Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a not-so-little Chicky who wanted to go from a light blonde to something a little darker.

So, she drove to a beauty supply store, asked the knowledgeable employee what to get, and eagerly applied the color.

Something went wrong, though, and she wound up with goldish/yellowish roots…NOT good.

This Chicky was IRATE, let me tell you.

So, she convinced her super sweet Mama 😉 to go back to “said” store to buy another box of product.

Along the way, this Chicky stopped at the hairdresser and got her advice about what to buy and even called her from the store to clarify information.

The next day, this Chicky and her friend had another hair-dyeing adventure…but something went wrong…

This Chicky decided she needed to call in a professional.  Her father had mercy on her and donated money to the cause.

However, it was three days before this Chicky could get in to the salon.

Three fun days of explaining why her hair was green (did you know that green hair shows up especially well under the lights at church??).

The adventure turned out for the best when this Chicky came home after three hours in the hair chair.  She was sporting new highlights that were neither golden nor green.

This is not the Chicky in the story, but the color is similar.

And this Chicky lived happily ever after…

At least until it was time to color her roots…

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