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What Teachers Do During the Summer

If you don’t work in education, you may wonder what teachers do during the summer.

Well…there’s this…

Which has followed this…

A ten-week course completed in THREE days, thank you very much! (Click to see a larger photo.)

Which is followed by this…

And then some of this (teachers are the masters of organization)…

It was time to go through the bowls and match up lids and/or throw away anything extra.

Oh, and let’s not forget this…frequent naps between projects…

How about some cooking?

Daniel Fast Black Bean Soup – So delicious!!!!

Oh…and this too…

Followed, of course, by this…

To be sure, there will be lesson planning, reading, and the creation of new and improved forms to make the next school year run more efficiently; however, for Your’s Truly, there are more household projects to complete, more self-indulgences to be had…more rest to get caught up on.

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