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Alert the media.

I have finished another knitting project!!!

This probably won’t surprise you, but I went for my favorite type of pattern…SOCKS!

This pattern is BFF, by Cookie A.  Yes, I am predictable, am I not?

The pattern can be found in her book Knit. Sock. Love.

For this pattern, I selected a skein of yarn I purchased in Seattle during my cruise to Alaska two years ago (props to the in-laws for funding that trip!).

The yarn is Happy Feet (total of 80 grams), and it was a joy to knit, frog, and re-knit with.


I cast on June 2nd and plugged along just wonderfully…

…Until I turned the heel and tried on the first sock.


Too big!

Rats.  The sock was ridiculously big, so I frogged (ripped up the entire thing)…

I cast on again, going down to a size 0 needle.  I also switched from the Small sock to the XS.  There’s a cable in this pattern, and cables tend to stretch.

With those changes made, I began knitting again and knit the entire leg in one day.  I was on a mission to get this pair finished!

You can see that the fit was much, much better the second time around!

It wasn’t long before I was working the foot.

I love the evenness of the stitches!

It wasn’t long before I was casting on Sock #2.

I got a big head, though, and had to frog this sock after I finished the leg section.  Right before I began working on the heel flap, I discovered that I’d been doing the cable pattern on the wrong round!  Ugh!!

I got back in the groove, paid very close attention to every detail in the pattern, put on a movie (Snow White and the Swordsman…great movie!!), and finished the sock around 2am Tuesday morning…

Here are the photos of the finished pair!  Please forgive the lighting.  I have discovered that the afternoon light is the best when photographing my knitted items.  I got antsy and couldn’t wait!

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