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That’s a Whole Lotta Books!

On Saturday, my church had a fundraiser to help a group of women make a trip to India.

The group chose to do a used book sale.

Chicky and I headed over, and let me tell you, we made out like bandits!

Here’s Chicky’s haul:

She got 55 books for $11!!  The children’s books were five for $1 (paperback)!  She’s going to have a great start when she gets her first classroom…fingers crossed…next January!

My haul…13 books for $13…is pictured below…

Fiction books were $1 for paperback and $3 for hardback.

I love Frank Peretti, so these were great finds!  My female students will love the Gossip Girl books, along with those written by Sarah Dessen.

I was thrilled to find The Great Gatsby.  I’ve never read it but have wanted to ever since the movie came out.  I refuse to watch the movie until I read the book.

I have to share, in particular, two very special finds.

These are very old books.  The first one was originally published in 1897.  The edition pictured below was published in 1903.

Look at the binding…

The other book I got is missing its publication page, but it looks to be about the same age as the Word Lessons book.  It has “prose” and “poetical” lessons.  Beautiful!

The pages are very thin and brittle.   The sweet gals running the fundraiser did not charge me for these antiques.

I cannot wait to share them with my students.

Part of my job as a reading teacher is to try to instill a love for the printed word.  Kids soak up what we adults share…especially if we are enthusiastic about it.


One Response

  1. SCORE!!! Great Gatsby!!! & some Frank Perreti!! And Mitch Albom.. that’s awesome!

    Does Chicky need some kids books? I have a whole shelf of kids books that were mine when I was little. If she needs some, I can send her some down. Just let me know. 🙂

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