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Goodbye Rubber Ducky

Isn’t it surprising how it’s the smallest things that can make you feel the passage of time the most?

Take, for instance, my decision on Wednesday to change out the shower curtain in the kids’ bathroom.

A few years ago, on a whim, I’d purchased a Rubber Ducky curtain along with the matching trash can…

Chicky and Rooster had gotten quite the laugh, and it had been talked about when we had company.  It is rather cute, don’t you think?

Though I loved it, with both kids in college and only home for short visits, I’d decided it was time to upgrade some things in the bathroom to give it a more “grownup” feel.”  I had even selected a shower curtain that I liked from a catalog.

I never got around to ordering it, though.

Then, on Tuesday, Rooster told me that I really needed to get a new shower curtain because the Rubber Ducky one had begun to tear up, and some of the rings weren’t holding it up any more.

Coupons in hand, I visited Bed Bath & Beyond.

Oh, how cute the curtains are these days.  Many even have pockets on the outside for you to store kiddie bathtub toys.

This stuff wasn’t around when my children were babies.  I probably couldn’t have afforded such fancy stuff even if it had been around!

I purchased a new curtain, along with matching hooks and carpet, and returned home, where I hurried to hang it before the kids got home.

I was excited because the new curtain matched the custom blinds we’d had installed when we built the house.  The blinds are kind of like bamboo that roll up.

Rooster was the first to see the curtain, and he was impressed.

I was happy.

Then Chicky came home, and I heard her take a sharp breath.

“Whoa,” she said.  “Where’s the other curtain?” she wanted to know.

I’d folded it and placed it in the closet.  I figured if the kids needed a curtain when they moved out, I’d have it on hand for them.

That was the end of the curtain event…or so I thought.

I later saw this Tweet from Rooster:

Now that the rubber ducky bath curtain is gone, I can finally start taking bathroom selfies. #JokingAboutTheSelfies#NotTheCurtain


What made my heart go thump, thump, though, was Chicky’s Tweet:

RIP ducky curtain

We all have things that keep us tied to our childhood.

Young adults, especially, subconsciously rely on these things to keep them grounded to that which is known…which has been known…and which brings comfort.  Though our children constantly fight for freedom and, in fact, yearn for it, the smallest thing like the changing of a shower curtain brings with it a visible reminder that time is marching on.

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