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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…or a Sorrelli Necklace…

Ever read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Well, I felt a little like the mouse yesterday when I was out and about running errands.

After dropping off some paperwork and picking up my summer pay stubs at school, I decided to stop by a cute boutique one street over.

This boutique is known for its jewelry…its Sorrelli jewelry.

I was on a mission.

I usually am.

I’d discovered a surprise in my paycheck…my Reading Endorsement pay incentive.

It was more than enough to treat myself to something nice plus have money left over to take care of a couple of household things.

I’d been wanting one more set of bling for a while.

I love the Running Water that the Mr. had started me off on…

He’d also bought the matching earrings.

In February, I purchased the necklace after receiving my Fred Jones training money…

I also have Auburn-themed Sorrelli…

Now, though, I wanted a color scheme that would go with the school-themed colors…red, black, and white.

Being an Auburn fan, I could not purchase jewelry with red in it.  Just wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t want the Mr. to change the locks on me.

I walked into the shop and tried on three different colors.

Snow Bunny was the first one, but I didn’t want a pastel stone in the mix since Running Water already has pastels.

I also tried on White Bridal, which was lovely but did not look good up against my skin.

When I put on Midnight Moon, I was in love…

The necklace was shorter and much lighter than the others I’d tried on.  The color, black, with the clear stones looked good against my skin.

Of course, I couldn’t stop with the necklace, so I perused the bracelets…

As I walked to the register, I realized I was forgetting something.

We went back to the counter, and the young gal pulled out a bucket full of earrings!  I tried on quite a few pairs before setting on these…

I was nervous when I thought about what my total would be, so I was surprised when the girl told me that I would get a 15% discount for purchasing three pieces!  I would up saving $37.50, which covered most of the cost of the earrings!

I wore the jewelry out of the store…that’s how pleased I was.

I’m happy because now I have bling to wear with any outfit I select, and I do like to sparkle when I go out.  That’s one thing I’ve picked up from my friends, Barb and Maegan.

3 Responses

  1. Sparkling anytime you leave the house is a MUST!!!

  2. Treating yourself to some bling is a great way to begin summer: I love the set that you selected.

  3. Beautiful!

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