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Love of Knitting eBook – A Review

A couple of days ago, I received an email from my friend, Rebecca, asking if I was interested in reviewing an eBook for the Love of Knitting website.

I contacted Eric, the guy who had originally emailed her, and he responded quickly, attaching the eBook to his message.  He also granted me permission to use any photographs from the book.  Yay!

The title of the eBook is Learn to Knit Lace.  You can find the free eBook here.

You know me and lace.  We go together like peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese’s Cup.

The eBook contains pattern instructions for three projects.

The Cielo Shell is an adorable sleeveless knit top that has stockinette stitching across the top third and a beautiful diamond lace pattern across the bottom portion.

Although I’ve never knit a “real” sweater, the instructions seem clear.  The schematics provide the measurements needed to fit this top properly.

The second project in this eBook is the Espalier Wrap…

This pattern combines cables and easy lacework to make what looks to be a warm wrap.  The leaf edging is a beautiful touch.  Surprisingly, this project is worked back and forth, knitting through three charts simultaneously.  I’ve never seen a pattern worked this way before, but I’ve gotta say that it sure beats picking up stitches or grafting a border on at the end!  I will DEFINITELY be making this!

The last project in the eBook is a Lace Linen Trim…

This is a simple lace pattern that would add a fancy touch to any room!

I’ve got to say that I am very impressed with this little eBook.  The steps are written out as well as charted, so regardless of your preference, you have no excuse not to give these patterns a go.  The pictures serve as great visual references if you’re not sure what a pattern is supposed to look like.

The website, LoveofKnitting.com, where this eBook is located has many, many free patterns and other eBooks as well.  I’ve bookmarked it for future reference and look forward to perusing it frequently.

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