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The Death Cure – A Book Review

Saturday night, I finished the third book in The Maze Runner series, books written by James Dashner.

If you’ve read my reviews for the previous books in this series, you’ll know that I haven’t been a big fan.

The dialogue is somewhat juvenile, although I do like the clever way in which the kids swear without using the real swear words.

The plot, though, has always been somewhat shallow, as have the characters.

The third book picked up where the second one left off, with the characters trying to find the cure to the virus that is killing off mankind.

It seems as though it took me forever to get through this book.

I just wasn’t very interested but remained determined for my students’ sake.

About 3/4 of the way into the book, the action finally picked up speed, and I actually stayed up until 3am to finish.  I wanted to know if Thomas was going to make it through alive.

When I closed the back cover, it was with relief, unfortunately.

I really like reading books that make me with they went on and on without end.  Those are the books that stay with me long-term.

I doubt that this series will.

There is a fourth book, the prequel, titled Kill Order.  I’m a few chapters in and hope to finish within the next few days.

I will be glad to put these books to rest…for good.

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