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Words Define Us

A couple of days ago, I shared how I’d had a rough day.

I had become quite angry.

Later in the afternoon, I reflected on the day, and I grew ashamed.

During my angry rants to a couple of trusted friends, I used language unbecoming to a lady.

Yes, I did.

While I don’t get super angry very often, when I do, I lose control of my mouth.

This shames me greatly to admit, but I’m an honest person, and so much of my blog is about baring my heart.  It’s how I grow.

This might surprise you, but it was the Mr. who actually held me to task.

As I shared about my day, including the cussing part, he shook his head and told me there had been no need for that.

You know what?

He was right.

I texted both of my friends and asked them to forgive me.

One of my friends told me not to worry…that they were just words.

I texted her it was important to me…that words define us.

You can tell a lot about a person by how he/she speaks.

Oh yeah.  I’m feeling worse and worse as I type this.


As I showered that night, I asked the Lord to forgive me.

One would think that after coming off of the juice fast, I would be more self controlled.

Apparently my focus had not been on my mouth; however, I did gain clarity.

I need to be constantly on my guard against the sin that lives in my heart and threatens to rear its ugly head when I’m not looking, and I need to remember that my words define who I am.

I pray that I learn to speak softly and only in a way that honors God.

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