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BFF – A New Sock Project

My friend, Christina, and I are going to do a sweater KAL this summer.  I knit a gauge swatch yesterday and hung it up to dry.

Meanwhile, my idle fingers were itching to cast on my favorite type of project…


If you’ve read my blog for a couple of years, you’ll know that I LOVE making socks!!!!!

I’m especially in awe of Cookie A’s patterns.

Sock yarn is something I have plenty of.  One could say that I’m addicted to it.

We all have our weaknesses!


I perused my sock yarn stash first and finally settled on this…

The yarn is Happy Feet.  It’s a beautiful brownish/red color…perfect for fall!  I think it will pair nicely with the sweater I’m going to be making.

After seeing BFF on a Ravelry search earlier in the day, I pulled out the book, which I happened to test knit for…

Then, I happily cast on.  I completed the cuff and one pattern repeat before being seized with stomach fits…

The picture only shows some of the ribbing…not the pattern repeat.

I really shouldn’t have eaten garlic stuffed olives…as the second food introduced into my stomach after finishing my juice fast.

<insert sheepish grin>

Can you tell I’m in my happy place?

It will be even happier once Friday is over, and I’m really home for the summer!

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