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Happy Birthday, Rooster!

Today is Rooster’s 19th birthday.


When I first began writing my blog, back in 2007, he was thirteen years old, in the sixth grade, and shorter than Chicky and me.

Now, he’s finished his first year of college, has a full-time summer job, and does odd jobs on the side.

He also towers above the entire family, standing at over six feet tall.

His love for the Lord is growing, as is his service to Him.

He was a cell leader in his Christian fraternity last semester, and he began helping with youth Bible studies at church after he returned home.

To say I am proud of the man my son is becoming is quite an understatement.

I do not know what I’ve done to deserve him.  This is yet another example of God’s grace.

To my Rooster:

You are a blessing to me.

I cherish every moment we spend in discussion…every moment we spend sitting on separate couches not saying a word.

Simply being in the same zip code…under the same roof…satisfies this Mama Bear’s soul.

I love you!



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