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On the Go!

Whew!  I scarcely have time to write because of a number of reasons.

First off, we have five more full days and two half days of school left!  Woo hoo!!  My lesson plans have been finished for almost a month, but I’ve been making final adjustments, grading what is getting turned in, and basically running around my classroom like a chicken with her head cut off trying to help my students finish their final projects.  By the time I get home, I am exhausted!

Second, I’m juicing, which means I’m running from the moment I get up, making orange juice to take with me and then carrot juice later in the afternoons after I get home.  I’ve also begun walking.  I found a new app called Map My Walk.  I really like it because it gives me split times and distances for my routes around my neighborhood.  Pairing the new exercise with my juicing has also left me feeling tired, and I’ve been going to bed before 11pm.  That’s HUGE for me given that I usually stay up until 1am…even on school nights.  It appears as though I’ve become a night owl!

Prepping…takes about an hour to fill that Rubbermaid container!

So delicious! The juice contains carrots, apples, celery, cucumber, spinach, and cantaloupe.

The third thing keeping me on the go is my girl, home for college for what is probably her last extended stay.  At the end of the summer, we will be packing up her furniture and taking it down south, because she and a few other girls will be renting a house. She has one more semester, and she’s planning on staying down there afterward…hopefully in a teaching position but working, nonetheless.



That’s the reality of childrearing…they eventually leave home.

In the meantime, I’m not focusing on the end of summer.  I’m enjoying the present, which means spending as much time with her and Rooster, who’s also home for the summer.

On Saturday, Chicky had me moving from the time we got up.

Ever since she was a young thing, she’s always wanted to know what she was going to be doing…EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY.

I was exhausted just keeping up with her!!!

We had previously discussed going out and looking at things to furnish her new abode, so we took a ride to Bed Bath & Beyond.  Not finding much, and with few dollars in our pockets, we went into the mall, hit up Victoria’s Secret for the free pair of underclothing (the coupons arrive regularly in the mail), and then on to Rue 21, which has become a must-drop-by-and-see-what’s-on-sale kind of store.

I found a cute summer dress as well as a top.  When I got to the register, the gal told me I could get another dress for $1!!!!!  Seriously?  Chicky and I returned to the rack, where she picked out a dress for herself.  We made out like bandits!

Then, we went to Target.

Who doesn’t like Target?

We tried on quite a few things.  I wound up buying another dress.

It was that kind of day.

The two dresses on the left are from Rue 21.  The first one is Chicky’s. My Target dress is on the right. Love these!

Then, I ran Chicky to a local deli that is known for its fabulous chicken salad and homemade bread, where she grabbed some lunch.  I was content to watch her eat, although she did so in the car so we wouldn’t waste time.  We hopped over to Sam’s for more fruit and then ran to Publix to pick up another 25lb of carrots…

The standard question I get when I purchase these bags is, “Do you have horses?”

I really want to say, “No, I’m one of those weird ‘earthy’ people who juices.”  I kind of-might have said something to this effect before.  You should see the looks on people’s faces.  They really do think I’m weird.  It’s the same reaction I get when people learn that I’m a vegan.

After we left Publix, Chicky asked me to stop by Dunkin’ Donuts so she could grab an iced coffee.

One would think…after ALL of that running…that my Chicky would be tired.

I thought our day was over.  She spent the rest of the afternoon in her room while I prepped the newly purchased fruits and vegetables for juicing.

I then made three glasses of juice, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, put away all of the clothes I’d purchased, and scooped dog poop…finally sitting down around 5.

I decided I was due a shower and put on my jammies.

That’s when I heard moaning…

The words of my girl child…

Saying…”I’m bored.”

Oh my.


I went into her room and gave her the choice to play a game.  Nope.  Make a craft.  Nope.  Knit.  Double and triple nope.  (She’s tried knitting before because I forced her.  It’s not her thing.)

I shocked her by then saying, “Want to see a movie?”

By then, it was after 7pm.  She looked up surprised.

“You’ll go see a movie?  Your hair is wet.”

“Yep.  I can dry it and fix it.”

She looked up movies and times, and we decided to see the 9:45 showing of The Croods.

She did express some hesitation though.  My girl is an early-to-bed kind of person, and she’s rarely up past 9 or 9:30.

Still, she seemed pleased, as did I.

I really do not get out much, and we hardly ever do anything together, so this spontaneous plan we had concocted sat well with both of us.

The Mr., by the way, was working, and Rooster was on his way back from filling in for a friend, and he was exhausted, so neither attended with us.

Now, we quickly figured out, when we arrived at the theater (one in town and not the nicest, by the way), that we must have been two of the LAST people to see this movie.

Our big clue?

I don’t know if you can tell, but the theater was completely EMPTY!

It was hysterical!

We had the whole thing to ourselves!

Until five minutes into the movie, when a family showed up.  But still, it was fun, and the movie was terrific!

We got home around 11:45 tired but happy.

I’m generally a homebody.  I don’t mind sitting on the couch.  In fact, I find contentment in sit-down things such as reading, knitting, and watching TV.

Being on the go with my girl, though, is turning out to be a blast!  I’m going to enjoy every second of it!

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