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Teachers Helping Teachers

Today, I was surprised by the following…

This was a thank you gift from a teacher I had assisted with her final Reading Endorsement lesson plan.  She had emailed my friend, Barb, for help.  Barb asked me to help out since I’d recently finished the final course.

The other teacher, Angie, met with me one afternoon, and we spent an hour and a half discussing her lesson.  We had so much fun as we talked about our various teaching experiences.  She’s a sweet lady who has an easy laugh and a soft Southern twang.

From that point forward, she kept Barb and me apprised of her progress.

What fun it was to finally receive a message that said her lesson plan had been accepted!

Next up were the videos she had to film.

I encouraged her and offered further assistance, but she had things well in hand by this time.

It wasn’t long before she sent me a message practically shouting through the computer that her video had been accepted!

She came by today to bring cards of thanks for Barb and me.  Inside each was a Starbucks gift card.  She shared that she had received the final message that she had passed the class!!!

I love the opportunities that my career gives me.  I mentor children…I fill in the gap where parental figures may be absent…I coach these children through the stresses of their classes and social issues that arise at school.

I also get to work with AMAZING teachers who constantly inspire me with their outlook on the profession, their handling of various classroom issues, and their creative lesson plans.

I’m thrilled that I finally had the chance to give back after so many teachers have encouraged me during the last three years.

Teachers mentoring teachers.

Who doesn’t love that?

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