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The Scorch Trials – A Book Review

As you know, I’m constantly reading something.

My most recent book conquest was The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner. It is book #2 of his Maze Runner series.

I wasn’t super-happy with the first book, although the premise was good. Unfortunately, I think that The Hunger Games series, while written after The Maze Runner series, eclipsed Dashner’s series.

However, in the interest of honestly recommending books for my students, I have chosen to continue reading Dashner’s series. Hence, book #2.

In this installment, the crew that escaped from the maze in book #1 is put through a new set of trials. They must cross a desert and find the safe haven, where they’ll be given The Cure, which will heal them from the sickness they were infected with after they escaped.

The plot had potential; however, I found myself struggling to read my way through the book. I was curious enough to keep reading, but I can’t say that I overly enjoyed it, unlike the book I’m currently reading (review to come as soon as I finish).

I feel kind of badly writing this review, but it is an honest assessment.

The good points are that the chapters are short, and the readability is low enough that a struggling high school student can pick it up with no problem. The series is appropriate for middle school readers, by the way.

There is a lot of action, so it’s great for the boys. There are strong female characters, which will appeal to the girls. There’s also a bit of teenage romantic drama, which girls will like as well (and the boys won’t go “ick” to).

Overall, it’s not a bad series, but when compared to other teen fiction I’ve been reading of late, it’s just okay.

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  1. that’s what I love- an honest review

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