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Full House, Full Heart

Last Thursday, I drove to Auburn after school to help a certain Rooster boy pack up his stuff.

It was time to move him home for the summer!

Quite honestly, I could not (and still cannot) believe that nine months had passed since I dropped him off for his first year at Auburn!  You might remember this post…when I got home…and the one I wrote the next day.  Oy, those were sad days, and May felt like forever and a day away!

I stayed in his dorm with him Thursday night, and we got up around 9am to begin the several hours of packing and loading up that needed to be done.

Three hours later, his room was empty…

The car was loaded…

We were hitting the road, taking the scenic route home…Rooster in the lead…

I love driving through the backroads in Alabama.  One day, the Mr. and I plan to retire and live in Auburn, where we can see beautiful landscapes like the following every day…

You should have seen and heard Gambit’s reaction when Rooster walked into the house.  Gambit’s tail wagged faster than I’ve ever seen it go, and he cried out in joy.  It was something to behold.

Rooster haphazardly put everything in his room when we got home…

We took him out to dinner, and upon our return home, he settled in for some time of relaxation.

The dogs settled in as close as they could get…

The joyful homecomings weren’t over though!

Chicky arrived yesterday afternoon.

I’d bought her flowers to brighten her room and welcome her properly…

She brought Cali with her, so our brood is now complete.

Our home is brimming over with people, stuff, animals, and, most importantly, LOVE.

Our house is full, and our hearts are flooding with the joy of loved ones under the same roof once again.

3 Responses

  1. Beyond thrilled for you! Only 2 more days and I’ll be in the same boat…it can’t get here quickly enough!

  2. Enjoy your summer with all the chicks in the nest : )

  3. It’s fun having them back home, isn’t it.

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