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Reminiscing With the Hodgepodge

As usual, Joyce has cooked up some fun questions for the Hodgepodge!  Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!

1.  April 15th is the deadline for Americans to file their state and federal income tax returns.  What’s a job you do on a regular basis that could be described as ‘taxing’?

Lesson planning, by far, is the most taxing thing I do regularly…as in every single week from August through May.  It is exhausting and brain-numbing.  Thankfully, I have the next two and a half weeks planned out thanks to a couple of projects that I borrowed from last year’s plans.  We have seven weeks of school left, and the thing I will miss the least is the lesson planning.

2.  I’m participating in the April A-Z blog challenge, and the Hodgepodge happens to fall on Day O this week. In keeping with that theme…olives, onions, oysters, okra…of the foods mentioned, what’s your favorite O food?

Out of the items listed above, I’d have to say that olives are my favorite.  I do like onions, and when I ate meat, I enjoyed steamed oysters.  Despite growing up in the South, I still cannot stomach okra.

3.  What is something memorable you experienced as a child that your own children (or future children/nieces/nephews) will not get to experience?

Ok…so maybe this isn’t the most “memorable,” as in “fun,” but it’s certainly something that will probably never make a comeback.  My memory?  That of doing research by looking up information on microfiche.  Do you remember the days of going to the library, getting slides pulled out for you, and using a huge viewer to peruse loads and loads of articles in search of the one you needed for that research paper?  Oh.  The.  Joy.  heehee

4.  Term limits for our elected officials…your thoughts?

Yes.  Definitely.  I can hardly stand the four years that most are allowed.  Can we shorten them?  Or rather, can we force every elected official to create an IPDP, with a target group, and then fire the pants off of them if the group doesn’t show improvement via their VAM (Very Asinine Measurement) scores?  Hey.  It’s a system that the “Powers That Be” seem to think will improve education.  Who’s to say it wouldn’t work to rid the country of inept politicians as well?

5.  On April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere made his famous ‘midnight ride’…when did you last make a midnight ride?  Perhaps the fate of a nation wasn’t hanging in the balance, but tell us where you were headed anyway.

Hmmm…I don’t travel late at night very often, if ever.  More than likely, my last midnight ride would have been either going to or coming back from a soccer event, I’d guess.  That was our life for many years, and we spent nearly every weekend on the go between the months of September and May.

6.  What would freak you out more…a mouse running across your floor or a big fat hairy spider?

I loathe spiders.  In fact, my paraprofessional had to go to the walk-in clinic yesterday because a spider (she suspects it was a recluse…she’s not affected by its poison, however) bit the snot out of her.  You should have seen the rash on her neck!  It still gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!

7.  I love it when people ask me________________________?

I love it when people ask me if I can say with certainty that I’m going to heaven.

I accepted Christ when I was a teenager.  I know I can do NOTHING to earn salvation.  God MUST see Christ’s redeeming blood, which, for a believer, purifies our sin and allows God to look upon us and forgive us.  Praise the Lord for His provision.  Praise the Lord that I will spend eternity with Him!

Can you blame me for getting a little excited?

8.  My Random Thought

My prayers go out to those affected by the explosions in Boston.  My heart goes out to my fellow Americans whose trust, once again, has been shaken.

It is, however, inevitable, that society will continue to degenerate.  The Bible teaches this.

It’s scary.

It’s truth, though.

I take comfort in the fact that God is still in control, even when times look bleak.

6 Responses

  1. Yes, I, too, and so thankful that even in sorrowful and scary times, our God reigns! Ooh…a brown recluse bite is never good! My granny was bitten by one and the area around the bite was horrible. Hope your parapro recovers fully.

  2. We were talking with friends recently about using the card catalog. I loved that…nerdy I know, but there was something satisfying about needing to find something and looking it up and then going to the shelf to get it. I will add that I do love google too : )

  3. Ricky had gotten bit one time by a recluse & it tore a chunk out of his leg with the infection… those are some pesky little creatures

    microfiche … wow… I forgot those existed. How about encylopedia’s… I remember it was a big deal to own a set … now, kids just Google 🙂

  4. I can’t believe, as much as I love books that I didn’t think about all those library things. Microfiche – forgot all about that!

    And all those other school things – film strips, the purple mimeograph ink with that wonderful smell, eraser tag and cleaning erasers. . . . Such a deprived life these kids live!

  5. I definitely remember micro-fiche. Do you remember computer cards?

  6. Great answer for #7.

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