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Be Glad You’re Cute

Dear Fur Babies,

You better be doggone (pun intended) glad that you are cute because otherwise I would probably wring your necks.

Your latest adventure involved a whole lot of napkins and a family that was attending church.

As a result, I am resorting to covering my napkins with a plastic bag because I am, after all, a Redneck and think it’s way too practical to move the napkins up to a higher shelf.

Be warned!

Your little shenanigans better stop.


Or else you better grow cuter by the day.

Someone will pay…eventually.


Your uber-patient but about to draw a line in the sand Mama

2 Responses

  1. Awww…how can you be mad at those sweet faces???

  2. That first picture makes me laugh. The so look like they know they are in big trouble!

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