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There Must Be Something I’m Missing

Today, as the last bell rang, one of my students stayed behind to gather her things.

She’s a sweet young lady who was in my class last year.  She was moved from one class period to another when her schedule was adjusted multiple times for various reasons.  The one constant for her was keeping me as her reading teacher.

This year, she wound up in my class again.  It’s been an honor to watch her grow in maturity as she’s handled some very difficult situations in her life.

Today, as she was leaving, she apologized for her classmates, many of whom are simply giving me fits.

I have tried so many things with that particular class and just cannot seem to hit on something that works consistently with them.

It has been so frustrating…especially when I see a few students who are focused and working so hard to pass FCAT.

Hearing my little girl apologize made me sad, and I told her that I felt as though there was something I wasn’t doing right.

As a teacher, I have to look at myself because I am, after all, the adult…the one in charge of my classroom.

It’s been difficult, though, because I do not have these behavior problems in my other classes, so I don’t know exactly what I am doing wrong.

Of course, I didn’t say these things to my student, for it would be in appropriate to discuss them with her, but she is a sensitive young woman who has a heart for those who are having a hard time.

My heart warmed as she said, “Mrs. Auburnchick, you have tried EVERYTHING to help us learn.  It’s not your fault if some kids don’t want to.”

Wise words.

Still, I know there’s something I’m missing.

Unfortunately, it’s April.

There’s not much time left in the school year.

I have to try to figure things out, though, so that I won’t feel as though this year has been a waste of time.

One Response

  1. You always have the bad with the good… some students who you just cant reach… that just means God has someone else in their lives that will be the ones to help straighten out bad behaved kiddos… you cant tackle the world 🙂
    What a sweet soul for this young lady to stay behind & let you know you’re still doing a great job 🙂 YOU ARE!

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