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Joy-Filled Weekend

After six days of work, I was fortunate to spend the next four days playing.

I’d planned well, for I had the most amazing, joy-filled weekend that I can remember.

It began, of course, with the day of shopping, which I blogged about already.

Friday was my birthday.

I woke up to these adorable furry faces…

I spent most of the day preparing for the arrival of my chicklets and their friends.

Rooster had called late Thursday night to ask if he could bring home his “big,” as in big brother in his fraternity.  Of course I said yes!

Chicky had already planned to bring home three friends.  One of the girls wound up staying at school because she fell ill a couple of days before the kids left.  Poor thing.

All total, we had five kiddos coming home!

First, I posted an SOS on Facebook.  I needed an extra air mattress and a pump.  Two of my fellow teacher friends came to the rescue, and I picked up the items on Friday morning.

Then, I ran to the dollar store and picked up Easter baskets for the kids.  I couldn’t decide what to get to fill them, so I waited.  I decided to enlist the Mr.’s help because he likes to shop.

Before I got home, I ran to a friend’s house to pick up my Scentsy order.

Oh my.  I love my new warmer!!  Sunflowers are my favorite, so when she posted a picture of the newest warmer, I had to order one!!

She had thrown in a free brick of the newest scent, Sunny & Share, as a thank you for referring a friend of mine.

Yes, I know.  Bling, fancy nails, shoes, and now Scentsy.  I’m getting to be high maintenance.  heehee

Next up was the cleaning, which I did on and off for the next few hours.  It was a lot easier with fuzzy slippers and Colton Dixon…

When the Mr. came home from work, we headed to the store to stock up on goodies for the kids.

We had so much fun!!!!

I think we went a little overboard…

The Mr. found the inspirational eggs…a little cheesy but a fun way to keep the focus on what Easter is really about.

When we got home, the Mr. sat down and fixed every basket while I resumed my cleaning.  We hid them in the closet until Sunday morning…

The boys got the green and purple baskets; the girls got the pink.

Once the cleaning was finished, I sat down and waited.

Rooster and his friend arrived first.

What joy!!!!

Although I had met Rooster’s friend at an Auburn game, having the weekend to get to know him was an honor.  He is a friendly young man and so incredibly intelligent and Christ-centered.  I was very impressed with his ability to defend his position of a few issues we discussed.

Chicky and her friends arrived a couple of hours later, and the reunion was just as sweet.  All of the girls play on the soccer team, so I’ve been blessed to spend time with them in the past.  I knew we were in for some fun.

Now, one might think that having five college kids in the house at one time is a lot, but oh my word, it was so much fun!  The kids got along so well!  Five young people shared one bathroom.  They giggled.  They cracked jokes.  At one point, all of them were in Chicky’s room watching Rooster play his drums.

As I watched them interact all weekend, my heart overflowed with joy and thankfulness.

Oh, and let’s not forget Chicky’s puppy.  This precious fur baby was so happy to see me!  She almost jumped into my arms and gave my face a bath it hasn’t seen since the last time she visited.

We had tons of fun together, and I took a bunch of pictures.  I even took her with me as I ran an errand!

The other dogs didn’t seem to mind one more fur baby in the house…

Gambit preferred, for the most part, to stay next to his brother because he gets very scared when unfamiliar people come into the house…

One of the neat things about the weekend was watching as the kids did their own thing…going to the beach…running to Sonic to visit with friends…yet later getting that “together time” that I so desperately craved.

We went to a hibatchi place on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, and it was fun to watch the kids stuff themselves.

On Sunday, after church, we took the crew to Chili’s.

There were many laughs shared around those tables…many memories added to that special place reserved in my heart for such times.

Before I knew it, the weekend had passed me by, and it was time to say goodbye.

I took pictures of Rooster and Chicky as they said goodbye to Aubie.  It had been a tough weekend with our old girl, and the kids were visibly upset as they hugged her.  Looking at those pictures, which I wish I could share here (but can’t because they show my babies’ faces) still brings tears to my eyes.

We took the kids to the gas station to get them fueled up for their respective journeys.

Too many goodbyes have been said in this parking lot.  I can only imagine what onlookers must have been thinking as they saw seven people hugging each other, openly and unabashedly showing the love that had grown over the weekend.

I also said goodbye to my fur grandbaby…

I’m not sure she new she was in for an entire day in the car!!

When we returned home, we found it devoid of the noise that had only recently filled it.

Instead of being sad, though, I thought about how blessed I am.

My children chose to come home for the weekend.  Their friends chose to come with them.

During the angst-filled years of rearing teenagers, I was a little bit worried that my children would not want to come back home very often.  You know how it is with kids…the arguing…the fight for control…the reluctance to let go.

I am humbled that these young people came here and brightened my weekend and my heart with their love…a love that emanates from a love for Christ and a desire to serve God.

The sunset I observed while running an errand Sunday evening reminded me of God’s love…how He provides…how He protects.

4 Responses

  1. Beautifully written! You brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Glad the kiddos were able to be home to hug Aubie! 🙂

    Those baskets are awesome! I’m sure the kids all enjoyed them. I love those eggs… I would have bought those for myself 🙂

    So glad you had a wonderful Easter/birthday celebration weekend with a house full of wonderful kiddos!

  3. An excellent post: I’m glad you had a joy-filled weekend. Be well, my friend.

  4. So glad you had such an awesome weekend! I love those Inspirational Eggs! And those fur-babies…what sweeties!!!
    I’m loving that Scentsy, but am too cheap to spend $35 on one..wonder if Walmart has any cute ones out?

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