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When You Love Your Students…

When you love your students, you’ll jump on Amazon every payday and order things like what you see below…

One of my students had told me about Numbers and had even loaned his copy to me.  It was a little rough, but only because the setting is England, and the main characters’ (teenagers) language is a bit course.  The ending was open, though, leading to the sequel, The Chaos.  My student bought this book but hasn’t read it because he’s trying to finish a book I recommended for him.  I wanted to read the second book and have a copy of both for my room…hence the order.

The other book I ordered this go-round is this…

I learned about Everlost from the 100 Book Challenge group that I’m a member of on Facebook.  The author is Neal Shusterman.  He also wrote Unwind
and Unwholly.  I’ve friended him (or his fan club) on Facebook, and I love the way he goes about naming some of his characters.  Recently, he asked for suggestions on Facebook.  He’s nearly finished writing the third installment of the Unwind series, and he needed some help .  It was a lot of fun to watch the process.

I don’t know if my students fully appreciate the things I do for them.  I doubt that most of them do…right now.  I think that years from now, when they remember their time in my class, they will remember the little things, like brand new books, appearing about every two or three weeks and the book talks that accompanied their entry into the classroom.

I’d do just about anything, including standing on a chair (which my principal caught me doing) to get my kids excited about reading and, most importantly, about learning, which are life-long processes that won’t end until their last breaths are taken.


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