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How a Teacher Destresses After a Stressful Week




What a crazy week I had…so much so that I only blogged on Wednesday.

I had every intention of getting up and working on Saturday.

Every intention.

Before I could, though, I was awakened to a text message from my friend, Barb.  She forwarded a picture of our sweet, young reading teacher, “T,” who is also one of our basketball coaches.  He genuinely likes his students, and they are responding to his instruction.  Well, he’d studied and studied, and on Saturday, he awoke at 3:30am to drive to BIG CITY, Florida to take a certification exam.



I sent him a congratulatory message and got out of bed to get ready.

The only thing besides work that I had planned for my day was my nail appointment.

I had soooo been looking forward to it because Barb was going to be there as well.  It was going to be our chance to chat since we only get five or ten minutes at a stretch during the school day.

I’d seen something on Pinterest and, much to my nail tech’s chagrin, presented it to her.

She was actually happy with my choice.  Did you know that nail techs don’t like to do the same design on each nail because it’s too hard to make them look identical?

I’m so glad she told me!

I let her do her thing, and here’s what the finished product looked like…

Very Easter-y/Spring-y, eh?

After Barb’s nails were done, we headed out.

I’d told Barb that my Fred Jones money had been included in Friday’s paycheck, and I wanted to spend it.

You remember Fred Jones, right?  I blogged about him a few weeks ago.

I received a whopping $195 for attending the 12-week classroom management training.

What does a girl who works between 80 to 90 hours a week purchase with a check like this?

That, my friends, is Running Water Sorrelli.  I bought it to match the bracelet and earrings that the Mr. bought for me two Christmases ago.

I’d been ogling the necklace ever since, but the price was too hefty.

Barb had called one of our friends.  She owns a boutique downtown with her sisters.  Our friend had this necklace in stock…along with a lot of other pretty bling.

I still had some moolah left over because the necklace wound up being a bit cheaper than I’d expected.

And our friend had some bling that was half off.

And it was Auburn bling…



Another splurge.



My wardrobe this week will only include items that I can wear my new bling with.

BUT, my day of fun wasn’t over.

Barb deposited me back at the nail salon, where I’d left my car so we could ride together and chat it up like good friends do.

She had another social engagement to attend.  She’s very social, you know.

Me, not so much, but I’m getting there.

I ran into the nail place to show off my bling (and explain why I was back).

Then, I went home.

BUT, I kept looking at my toes.  With the warm weather on Saturday, I’d been wearing sandals, and my green toenail polish that had matched my St. Patrick Day’s nails from the previous two weeks was clashing with my newly painted nails.


I called the nail salon and asked if they had time for a pedi.

They did.

I apologized to the Mr., who had been stuck at home taking care of the dogs…

And off I went.

My nail tech has got to be one of the most patient girls around.  She asked if I wanted to have the same colors, and I said yes, but that I trusted her with the design.

She had a bit of fun, as you can see…

While I was at the salon, a couple of friends walked in, so we chatted it up for a little while.

Then, it was time to return home.

I was dreading it because I had a huge stack of grading to do…

I was energized, though, and spent the next four hours grading while watching a variety of DVRd shows that stretched back WEEKS.  I try to collect as many grades as I can to help my students out.  My tests are notoriously difficult because it is my goal to prep them the best for FCAT.  As such, it leaves me with tons of grading…especially when I don’t get to it the week before (oops).  My para had organized all of alphabetically, by class, for me.  God bless her!

When all was said and done, here’s what I was left with…

I’ll tell you what.  Spending the majority of the day playing…indulging myself…was what any doctor would order for a stressed out teacher who is doing her best to do right by her students.

Onward to another week…one that will be busy and somewhat stressful but offers up Spring Break as its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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