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Sole Pampering

No, I haven’t flubbed the title of today’s post.

The reason?

Because Chicky came home last night to spend part of her Spring Break with us, and we decided to visit the mall at the beach.

First of all, this mall is home to my favorite pizza at Red Brick Pizza.  Yum!

Second, I’d heard, through the grapevine, that Dillard’s was having an AMAZING shoe sale.

Dillard’s just happens to be at this mall.

Chicky also needed a dress for a wedding she’ll be attending in a couple of weeks.

Although I am not fond of shopping, I do love my shoes and was thrilled to find the following pairs, in my size, on the clearance racks…

This is a pair of Gianni Bini.  They were originally $90 but had been marked down to $32.  After an additional 40% discount, taken at the register, I got them for $19!

They’ve even got sparkles!

The other pair I found are a bit more practical but the color I’ve been looking for ever since a different pair of the same color broke.  I have a certain pair of dress pants that are a strange color…kind of deep purple-ish/brown-ish.  Buying these shoes was a necessity to be able to wear my pants again!

The price point on this pair was the same as the other pair.

Meanwhile, Chicky got a pair of boots that were NOT on sale.

The Mr. paid for those.

We all agree that I got the best deal, but Chicky is thrilled with her pair.

We’re just happy to have her home and more than willing to splurge a bit on her.

Of course, I’m more than okay with splurging on myself as well.


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