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Time – A Book Review

Ok…here I go again.

What I’m doing is catching you guys up on some of the books I’ve finished but haven’t blogged about.

The latest installment in my little “series” is about Time, by Roger Reid.

This is the third book in the “Caldwell” series.

It picks up where the first book, Longleaf, left off.

I’m going to be straight up when I tell you that I did not enjoy this book.

The topic, fossil hunting, is interesting.

The plot, however, was not.

Sure, I understand that the intended audience are young adults.

Still, I think the dialogue was somewhat juvenile, and the plot was superficial.

I don’t like the way Reid quickly wraps up everything at the end.

The boys in my class who have read it have enjoyed it, though, which says a lot.

Obviously, this book will appeal more to the guys.

It will also appeal to struggling readers who do not have the patience or confidence for long-winded, difficult prose.

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