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The Tenderness of Animals

God’s design is amazing.

He left nothing to chance, including the way that living creatures respond to each other.

Take, for instance, the case of my fur babies.

As I mentioned on Wednesday in my Hodgepodge post, Aubie isn’t doing very well right now.

She’s thirteen years old and is losing her ability to hear.

She also began limping last weekend.

We took her to the vet on Thursday, and she confirmed that Aubie has already lost a great deal of muscle mass in the leg that she’s favoring.

We also discovered that she’s lost five pounds since her last visit in July.

That’s not good.

The doctor suspects that Aubie has either strained her leg or that she has bone cancer.


We’re being cautious, though, and have begun giving her joint supplements and baby aspirin to relieve joint pain and inflammation.

If the limping isn’t better in two weeks, we will take her back for x-rays.  X-rays will determine if there’s any cancer in her body.

The Mr. and I are quite torn up about this.

We’ve had Aubie since Rooster was in kindergarten.

She and the kids have grown up together.

She represents a huge chunk of time in our lives.

One of the things are are doing to help her healing process is limiting her activity.

The way we are doing this is by moving her dog bed from one room to another.

This is where we’re seeing God’s design come into play.

When we put her bed in the living room, she gingerly got in.

The other dogs know that something is going on with her.  Loving her as they do, they want to be close to her.

The following are pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of days…

Look at Pele’s leg on her bed.  Poor Gambit.  He’s such a snuggler and just wants to be near her.

He crawled into bed with her this morning…

We would really appreciate your prayers for her.

We are absolutely heartbroken over what may be coming.

Our entire family is.

Aubie has claimed everyone’s hearts.

Grand Pooba and Coupon Queen took care of her for almost a year while we were building a house.  They fell in love with her.

During that time, Super Sis and her family fell in love with her too.  They decided to get a dog after watching their children interact with Aubie.

She’s been a role model for the other dogs in the house.

She’s been another mother to Pele and Gambit.

Molly hasn’t been so impressed with her, but they’re typical alpha dogs, so it’s understandable.

While we don’t know what future days hold for our precious Aubie, we do know that we’ll be keeping her as comfortable as we can and spoiling her rotten.

It’s the least we can do for everything she has given us over the years.

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