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It’s Like Riding a Bicycle!

This evening, my school’s SGA sponsored a Skate Night.

The SGA sponsor, who happens to be my very good friend, had asked for chaperones, so I offered to volunteer.

Two of my students from first period showed up, and they bribed me to lace up skates by promising to read fifty pages tomorrow during silent reading time.

How on earth could a reading teacher turn down an offer like that!

I did warn them, however, that if pictures or videos made the internet, I would dock their grades fifty points.


I got myself all ready…

Please admire the knit green sock.  That was one of my projects about three years ago (before I got my teaching job…during the job-hunting days when I had TIME to finish projects!).

Then, I carefully stepped onto the skate floor.

I was nervous.

Falling is not something I do gracefully.

I rolled slowly at first, leaning into the first turn.

I wasn’t about to brave picking up my right foot to cross it over the left.

Not yet.

It didn’t take long before I was hitting my stride.

See, this girl had an ace up her sleeve.

When I was a youngster, and going to the skating rink was THE thing to do on the weekends because parents wanted someone else to be responsible for this kids for a few hours, I spent many hours learning to skate.

In fact, my mom signed me up for lessons.

Yes, they had skating lesson way back when.

Sometimes, I got to stay later and skate with the older kids.

Oh, the memories.

The longer I skated tonight, the freer I felt.

Soon, I was making those turns with ease, crossing right leg over left.




I’ve been under a lot of pressure these last few months but especially the last couple of weeks.

I let myself go, listening to the music and just being me for a change.

My students were duly impressed, I think.

My feet were sore when I pulled off my skates a couple of hours later, but the pain was worth it.

It’s been quite a few years since I stood up on wheels.

I discovered that, although I am not exactly the most coordinated person you’ll ever see, skating, for me, was familiar and took me to a time in my youth when life was,if only for a few hours each Saturday, fun and fancy free.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun as well as liberating. I think you should go back again sometime.

  2. Don’t ever forget that you can do many things well! You are a natural! Love you, Betty

  3. Hope you saw the video of Ricky skating on my blog/facebook 🙂 We just rented the rink out for a private & felt like teenagers again. Though Ricky skates monthly. I made a vow to start skating at least once every other month. Love it. But I need some awesome socks like that though! 🙂

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