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A 5’2″ Vegan Goes Up Against the Car Dude

Oh my.

We had the holiday off from school, so I took the opportunity to take my car to the shop to find resolution to my broken lock and misfiring tire sensor issues.

If you recall, these were not originally problems when my car broke down a few weeks ago.

Just like a person who leaves  a hospital with a different ailment from when they went in, so too did my car leave with a different sickness.

Despite having lesson plans to write and assignments to work on for my final Reading Endorsement class, I sat, for three hours at the auto repair shop, reading and hoping that I wouldn’t have to face a fight regarding WHO was going to pay for the repairs.

My thinking has been that since the parts weren’t messed up originally, I shouldn’t have to pay.

The auto place had other ideas.

After being unable to figure out why my tire sensor wasn’t working correctly, I told the guy to focus on the door lock issue.  For me, it’s become a safety issue.  I cannot unlock my driver side door without inserting the key and turning.  Seriously?  I live in 2013, and this should not be happening.

The repair shop manager went back to whatever he was doing before emerging an hour later to tell me that they had found the part…for $215…but that they were going to “cover the cost.”

Dang straight.

We walked outside, and he asked if they could order the used part.

Didn’t matter to me…as long as everything worked afterward.

Before leaving, I asked him if they were going to fix the sensor.

That’s when the unpleasantness began.

He hemmed and hawed, claiming that he thought we’d agreed not to worry about it.

To which I responded by apologizing if I’d misled him, but that what I’d actually done was prioritized the items in the order of importance and quickness to fix.  I needed to go home to work, and they’d spent two hours trying to fix something they still didn’t have the answer for.

He then told me, “We’re eating the cost of the door lock in good faith.  We don’t actually know that these parts weren’t working before you brought the car in.”



If you’ve never seen a 5’2″ 105lb blonde get mad, well then you weren’t in that parking lot.

I immediately responded, firmly but pointedly, “I know those parts worked because I drive the car every day, and YOU can take that on good faith because I DO NOT LIE.”

I suggested that he should be concerned about fixing what his business broke and keeping a customer who takes THREE cars to be fixed there HAPPY.

Looks like my car won’t be getting fixed on Saturday as planned.

They have to do some research about that sensor.

I will get this car fixed.

The relationship between this mechanic and my family will end with that.

I already have the name of another place in town that stands behind their work.

2 Responses

  1. Noles Automotive – near Bay High, honest and fair!

  2. Go get ’em, girl! It’s hard to find a place that you trust, and so disappointing when you think you’ve found it only to have them break that trust.

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