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Our Group is Infamous!

As many of you know, I am a knitter.

One of my students asked me to teach her to knit earlier in the year, and word spread.

I’ve got an informal knitting group that meets in my classroom during lunch.

There are the regulars, and there are students who pop in every now and then.

My door is always open (unless I’m taking a potty break, in which another student is left in charge).

The girls come in, sit down, eat (shhh…they’re not supposed to, but it happens unawares sometimes).

Sometimes they knit.

Often they chit chat.

It is through my little lunch meetings that I discovered that one of my girls wasn’t eating.

This issue has been corrected.

It is through this group that I learned that one of girls’ mamas is a truck driver who is rarely home (she lives with her grandmother and auntie).  This knowledge helped me understand why she broke down in tears in the middle of class one day.  She’d observed me asking motherly questions to another student, and it made her ache for her own mom.

One of my girls brought in a young man who passed the ACT this year (I’d taught him last year) and, thus, fulfilled an important graduation requirement.

We did the happy dance together.

It’s a special group that is gaining notoriety, and not just at school.

One of my new KH friends, Roux (aka “knitAbikini”) sent me knitting needles for my group.  She also included questionnaires for my girls.  We’d “talked” through KH messaging about her blogging about us.  We didn’t share students’ names, and she promised to keep my location TOP SECRET.

My girls responded, and I mailed the questionnaires back.

Well, Roux sent me a message yesterday to let me know that she had written the first of several posts about my group.

Click THIS link to read it.

I’ll wait.

:::foot tapping patiently:::


Back to my story…

As I read, I was so touched.

She shared my original plea for help.

She shared her funny comments.

She then shared one of my girl’s responses to the questions.



This is something I will treasure as long as I live.

It’s one thing to experience my group first-hand.

They are lovely girls.

It’s another to read about us on the internet.

Roux, thank you so much for what you’re doing for us.

Not only are you bringing smiles to the faces of my girls, but you are providing that extra burst of energy that I desperately need right now as I hit the most arduous part of the school year in anticipation of high stakes testing.

You are a gem!

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