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Halfway There

I’m currently enrolled in my first ESOL certification class.

After finishing up my fourth Reading Endorsement class (a humdinger of a course) a couple of weeks ago, I was hoping that the ESOL class would be a walk in the park.

I began the class last Monday (the 4th).

The Endorsement Gods laughed at me.

The class has been a little tougher than I’d anticipated.

Fortunately, I have an instructor who provides immediate feedback.  Despite getting the second assignment kicked back for a couple of corrections, things have progressed nicely, and I’m waiting to hear back about the most recent assignment I’ve submitted.

The classes are online and self-paced, with each class being comprised of ten sessions.  Those enrolled are “encouraged” to complete one session per week.

I’ve submitted six thus far…in five days.

It’s not because I am an overachiever.

Well, okay.  Maybe it is, a little.

What I am more concerned with, other than learning as much as I can…


…is finishing as quickly as I can.

I am hoping to get paired up with an instructor for my final Reading Endorsement class…the practicum…so that I can have that certification added to my teaching certificate and my name removed from the list of “Out of Field” teachers…a list that will be sent to the State.

Although my current class has been a little more challenging than I’d expected, I am praising God for the way He ordains everything, including the order of the classes I’ve taken.

I truly believe that my Reading 4 class prepared me for this ESOL class.  I’ve already had to write two lesson plans for it…something I loathe doing.  Because I learned how to meticulously scaffold instruction in the previous class, I have been able to complete the required lesson plans with a lot less angst than if I had not gone through that other class.

God truly is good, even in the smallest details of my life.

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