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I Feel Like I’m Missing Something

To say I’m missing something would probably make the people who know me best laugh.

I know I’m ditzy.

I am originally a blonde, so I can take the ribbing as being done in fun.

BUT, as I watched last night’s Super Bowl commercials, I found myself scratching my head in confusion…and disgust.

First, though, I smiled at such commercials as the farmer one and the Budweiser/Clydesdale spot.

And then…

Lo and behold…

The disgusting one that proved, once again, how low a company will stoop to get people talking about it.

Oh, I’m not going to mention the company’s name because, like a certain singer whose name I refuse to type here (she is not-so-affectionately referred to by Yours Truly as “Not-a-Lady-Gag-Gag”), I don’t want the number of internet hits on the company’s name to skyrocket from one to two.

It’s the commercial that ended in a rather noisy and disgusting close-up of a kiss.

This company is notorious for having sleazy commercials, with its spokesperson representing a highly-touted sport.

The spokesperson is a female.

With every commercial that airs for this company, women are depicted as nothing but playthings for men.  The women are usually dressed scantily, if at all, and there is always so much sexual innuendo intertwined that viewers have no idea what the point of the commercial was in the first place.

How can a female spokesperson feel comfortable endorsing such a product?

Oh yeah.

She’s often the one not wearing many clothes either.


How dumb can I be.

Something else that bothers me about these commercials is the disregard for the fact that they air during prime family viewing time, and in the case of the Super Bowl, when children are watching the game and commercials with their parents.

So a game that is supposed to be family-friendly turns into an impromptu question-answer session of, “Why is that man eating that woman’s face off?”



I’ve blogged about my disgust for the entertainment industry.

But can I lay the blame solely on them?


I put it on all of us…those of us who purchase products sold by these companies (for the record, if and when I ever purchase my blog domain name, it will NEVER be for a company that uses immoral means to sell its services).

I do not understand why companies make so much money using disgusting advertising techniques.

I do not understand how a person…be it an athlete, actress, or anyone else, can compromise his/her values to make a few $$.

I may be blonde and grew up in Alabama, but I don’t think I’m completely stupid.

The “something” that is missing seems to be high regard for morality and accountability to what used to be considered to be in “good taste.”

Sometimes I wish for the bygone days…even despite my love for technology.

I think I’d give up my iPhone, Mac, and other digital devices to not be inundated with disgusting TV spots trying to sell me things sold by women in lingerie or men in tightie whities.

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