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Sticker Shock

Last Wednesday was a lovely day.

It was pay day.

Pay day meant that I could get my nails done.

Barb and I had a good ole time looking on Pinterest while at the nail salon and selecting our favorite winter-y designs.

Here’s what she got…

And here are mine…

Oh, we had a grand time, laughed a TON, and probably left the salon much quieter than how we’d found it.

Next, we drove to our friend’s house.  She sells Scentsy, which is the most divine stuff ever!  I was dying to pick up my sixth candle warmer (yes, I have a problem…I know this)…

Barb loved mine so much that she placed an order.  She’d walked in expecting to buy one small bar of scented wax and walked out spending over $60.

I love it when friends are enablers.


After parting ways, I headed home.  I called the Mr. to find out what he wanted me to pick up for dinner…I still rarely cook…when all of a sudden the car started alternating between lurching and slowing down.

Then, I saw this light…

And yes, that mileage is correct.  This car has been through the ringer…lots and lots of travel to soccer tournaments and trips to colleges to move children in and visits to check up on them.


I digress.

Back to the story.





Car troubles are not something I’m fond of.

I’ve broken down a time or two, and it’s not fun.

Especially at night.

When it’s raining.

I told the Mr. that I thought the car was breaking down and to not go anywhere.

Fortunately, I live in Podunk, USA, a very small place as its name implies.

I crept home and prayed in a way that I’ve only prayed when family members have had major surgery or when other important stuff was happening.


I was scared.

I kept telling myself to RELAX (my key word for this year), but RELAX and “car troubles” do not belong in the same sentence together.

Fortunately, I made it all the way home…into the garage…before turning the car off.

When I tried to start it a few minutes later so the Mr. could listen to the engine (like he knows what he’s listening for…insert rolled eyes), the car would not start.

Praise the Lord.

I’d made it home.

The Mr. had the car towed late the next day, and then the waiting began.

You know the kind.

Where you’re waiting to find out how much damage your wallet is going to endure.

The first call came in.

It was the water pump – a mere $500.

The second call came in.

The alternator was also a bust – figure undetermined.

The third call came in.

Pretty everything in the car isn’t working right.

Sell everything you own.

Promise your grandchildren to oil tycoons in other parts of the world.

You’re gonna owe $3100.


I paid off this car a little over a year ago.

Murphy’s Law, eh?

I do not have the money for car payments.

I’m still paying off my own student loans and a few credit card bills that I shouldn’t be paying because I was dumb in the first place.


Still, the $3100 IS better than having to buy another car, so I’m grateful.

Silver linings, People!

Still, I’m choosing to RELAX.

I know that God is in control, and He will help us sort out our finances so that everything will one day get paid off.


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