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Tell Me How You Really Feel

Every week, my students fill out what I call “Text Connections” sheets. They are, in essence, reading logs.

This year, my mentor had the fabulous idea of having students write QAR (Question-Answer Relationship) questions on the forms.

QAR is a question creation strategy we teach our students because research has shown that the kids who can generate questions do much better on standardized tests because they know where to locate the answers.


This past weekend, as I graded my students’ sheets, one in particular stood out to me.

Now, my students still find it amazing that I do read what they write. Despite this, one student seems to have forgotten.

Take a look at the question and answer she created (students must answer the questions they create)…


The answer made me giggle. It definitely shows my student’s sweet nature, but it also shows that nobody should try to take something…or rather someone… who belongs to her.

I love teaching moments like this!!

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