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My Idea of a Break

Early on in the week, I set a goal for myself…

Write and turn in the second of three BIG lesson plans for the Reading Endorsement class I’m taking…

By Sunday.

This class ends on the 27th.

I want to finish early because I start my first ESOL class the first week of February, and I’d like to have one week when I don’t have ANY assignments due.

Thus, today, this has been my perch…

I know, from previous experience, that I do much better when I allow myself to take breaks.

What is sad, though, is what I’ve come to look forward to as a “break.”

It involves this…

For this reason…

It’s amazing how my perspective has changed over the years.

With four dogs, the amount of dog poop in the back yard is ridiculous.

It can, quite literally, “pile” up very quickly if not disposed of frequently.

This used to be my children’s responsibility but they escaped left for college, so that left the job to me.

The Mr. claims that he didn’t want any of the dogs originally, so he’s free from doing the dirty.

One other little factor has changed my perspective.

My beautiful new yard…

…that we paid oodles of money to have installed (and which you see the dogs scoping out for prime pooping spots).

Thus, on days such as today, when I’m stuck inside working on a long, tedious assignment, I find myself looking for a reason to take a break.

Forget Kit Kat’s little ditty…”Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.”


In my house, it’s, “Give me a break, give me a break, I need to go outside and scoop a pail of poo.”

It’s lame.

I know.

Consider yourself fortunate that I didn’t record my voice and insert it on this here classy blog.


One Response

  1. Enjoyable as usual! Love you, Betty

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