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Wednesday Hodgepodge – Positivity the Best!

I’m loving the Hodgepodge questions this week!  As always, kudos to Joyce for organizing this fun meme each week!  Hop on over to her blog and link up!

Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to give a shout-out to Super Sis.  Today is her 40th birthday!!!!!  She’s such a beautiful woman, on the inside and out, and she’s the best “seester” a person could ask for.  Love you, Sis!!!!

1.  What is ONE thing or area in your home or life you hope to report is completely organized when 2013 draws to a close?  Do you  have a plan to make it happen?

It’s funny you should ask this question.  On Monday, as I was putting freshly-washed linens away, I realized that my linen closet is a DISASTER!!!  So is the closet in one of the bedrooms.  I was thinking that I really need to clean them out.  I think I’ll either do this during Spring Break, in March, or during the summer when school is out.  If I wait until the summer, Chicky will be home and maybe, for a small price, will be interested enough to help.


2.  What’s the worst uniform you’ve ever had to wear for a job?

The only job I have held that required me to wear a “uniform” was my clerk job at my local sheriff’s office.  We had to wear green polos and khaki pants.  I loathed ironing those polos.  I loathed walking around after work with the emblem of the sheriff’s office on my shirt.  The uniform was so uncreative and totally boring.  They changed the dress code policy shortly after I left.  Bummer for me.

3.  What was your last kitchen ‘mishap’?  This question comes to you courtesy of Betty who blogs over at A Glimpse Into Midlife…everyone go say hi to Betty!

Good one, Joyce!  I don’t spend enough time in my kitchen to have mishaps!  LOL!

The last biggie I can think of is when my kitchen sink had the worst clogged drain I’ve ever seen.  I poured all kinds of drain cleaner down that thing and finally resorted to taking the plumbing apart underneath the sink.

Yes, I’m stubborn.  I insisted on doing it myself rather than getting a plumber to come.  The Mr. doesn’t do household chores like that.

I was stupid, though, and didn’t think things through.  As soon as I removed the tubing, the entire sink full of acid/drain cleaner came pouring out…splashing onto my legs and burning me terribly.

It was horrible.

And gross.

4.  How do you protect yourself from other people’s negativity?

You know…I’m a fairly happy person.  Although I’m serious in nature, I also have a very goofy side.  I try hard to find the positive in things, so when I’m around someone who’s negative, I combat the negativity with positive words.  Nothing stops a conversation faster than smiling and responding in the opposite way.

5.  Who in your family do you most resemble (physically)? If you have children, who do people say they favor? Do you agree?

My dad passed away in 2001, and I didn’t know him growing up.  The pictures I do have of us once we reconnected when Chicky and Rooster were tots do not show a family resemblance.  I also do not look like my mom.  I think the stork brought me.


My children, however, are obviously my progeny.  People used to tell me that Chicky resembled her father, and Rooster looked like me.

Now, it’s different.  Chicky is almost 21, and I’m told that she looks just like me.

Poor girl.

Actually, that could be good for me (see how I’m turning the negative into something positive?).  She’s gorgeous.  She looks a lot like Reese Witherspoon.  Although I don’t think I look like Reese, if Chicky and I look alike, then I sort of must be okay, I think?

Rooster looks like his father.

6.  January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day…will you be celebrating?

Seeing that January 8th was yesterday, I can say that I did not celebrate with a bath.  I did, however, take a very long hot shower after I got home from watching my students play basketball.

7.  Some of the ‘world’s best winter festivals‘ are – Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Quebec Winter Festival (Canada), Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah),  Rio Carnivale (Brazil), Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan), Venice Carnival (Italy) and the Harbin Ice Festival (Northern China).  Of those listed (and if cost were not a factor) which would you most like to attend and why?

I’d love to travel to Venice, so I’ll go with that.

8.  My Random Thought

I’d like to follow up on a story I shared a couple of days ago.

I told you about a sewing repair job I performed to fix a student’s sweat pants.

Yesterday, when he got to class, I told him that his pants were on my desk, and he could get them.

He looked at me incredulously and said, “You fixed them?  Last night?”

I responded in the affirmative.

He smiled a huge smile and…


I finished greeting my students (I have a routine of greeting them at the door as they enter), and when the bell rang, I walked over to my desk, which is very close to my student’s seat.

He told me, “Mrs. AuburnChick, they are perfect!”

“Well, not perfect,” I told him, “But I tried my best.”

“No,” he said.  “I can’t even see where the hole was!”

Needless to say, he was thrilled.

Ten minutes of work was so worth it!  This is another one of those teaching memories I’ll carry with me forever.

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