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There’s Always One

Every Christmas, there’s always one…

One person who gets sick, that is.

With ten people in our family celebrating together each year, someone always gets sick.

Guess whose turn it was this year?


You’ve got it.

That person was ME.

I started feeling icky on Saturday, while we were in Alabama visiting the Mr’s grandmother.

I started sniffing and sneezing.

I never sneeze unless I’m getting a cold.

I thought it was something in her house.

We traveled to the Mr’s parents’ house that evening, and I only began to feel worse.

I slept horribly that night, experienced extreme joint pain, and hovered between sleep and wakefulness all night.  Every time I woke to semi-consciousness, I spoke out the word “inference,” and visions of my students floated in front of my eyes.

No, I wasn’t delirious, but I was seriously not feeling well.

I had to suck it up though because I had to go visit my mom.

I took Airborne like crazy, along with Excedrin Migraine and Sudafed Cold and Sinus.

Yeah.  It was probably not the best thing to do, but I was trying to treat pain and cold symptoms.

I got through the day with a lot of Kleenex.

Christmas Eve, my joint pain was gone, but the cold I was suffering from was nasty.

Still, I participated in last minute shopping adventures.

I had to sit out the food preparation and cleanup though.  I didn’t want my germy hands to touch anyone else’s dishes or food.

That evening, I began to suffer another issue…extreme stomach ailments, which I will not describe except to say that the hours from 8pm to 12am were longgggg, and I read 3/4 of a book that a student had loaned me.  Oh, and my feet managed to go numb during various bouts of stomach ailment flareups.

I was miserable and in tears throughout the night because being sick is not something I do very well.

I gingerly got into bed that night and did manage to catch a few hours sleep.

Although the cold wasn’t gone, I woke up feeling a little better on Christmas morning and enjoyed a day of Christmas fun with my family.

We came home Christmas night, had our own Christmas opening party with the kids, and settled in for a long, storm-filled night with the puppies, who’d been well taken care of by a young man Chicky graduated high school with and is my go-to guy for dog sitting.

Today, we hit the road for Best Buy to do some exchanging.  Before we left, I took more medicine because I still wasn’t feeling well…stomach issues along with symptoms from the cold.

Unfortunately, all of the medicines did not hit my stomach well, and things were bad for a few minutes until everything passed through my stomach.

Lord have mercy!

He did, and I am back to only suffering from a runny nose and cough.

All in all, I had a great Christmas but am glad that my turn at being sick is over.

Not that I would wish for someone else to be sick, but since there’s always one, next year, it’s someone else’s turn!

Just sayin’!

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