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The Slow Transition to Christmas Break

How long does it take a teacher to transition into vacation mode?

Take a look at the Facebook update I just posted…

Dear Family, I just spent ten minutes putting the DVDs in proper alphabetical order. I have no excuse for myself other than to say that enough time obviously hasn’t passed for me to get out of Teacher-With-a-Classroom-Library mode. Let’s pray that a transformation happens quickly or else I’ll be rearranging your dresser drawers.

You may want to offer up a prayer for my family.  They’re going to need every ounce of patience they can muster until I either complete the transformation or hunker down in my bed for the next two weeks in hibernation mode.

By the way, Chicky put up our small tree for me.  It has lights but no ornaments.  Nobody in the family seems bothered one little bit.

Go us.

We’re really into the Christmas spirit, eh?

As I said.



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