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Kicking Butt

Take a look at the following pictures.  They are indicative of the work that was done in my classroom this past week.  Specifically, this is a page from the Main Idea test I administered on Friday.

Students earned bonus points for justifying their answers.

This is metacognition in action.

It is learning at the highest level.

After working my way through all of my students’ tests, I was pumped.

I want to share the note I posted to my students on my classroom Edmodo page.  This is when teaching becomes one of the most rewarding professions that exists.

Dear Students,

I just finished grading all of your Main Idea tests, and I wanted to tell you how VERY PROUD I am of your work!

You kicked Main Idea in the rear.

You dominated this very difficult skill!

Key things I took note of when I graded your tests:

1.  The questions you provided justifications for were, in large part, the ones you got CORRECT!!!  This is proof that going back into the text and checking your work is VITAL to success!

2.  The amount of extra time you took to selectively underline/highlight and number your paragraphs seemed to pay off.  You found details that were in different paragraphs and not relevant to the main ideas asked about in the questions.  Way to go!

Keep up the good work and STAY FOCUSED!

The lessons you learned last week when we got down and dirty with Main Idea can be used in ALL of your classes.

I look forward to a new week…one in which we begin to dig into INFERENCE.

This is a fun unit but also VERY important for reading comprehension.

Bring your game face.

It’s ON!


Mrs. AuburnChick

2 Responses

  1. That is seriously awesome!! I might have my future kids do that in some of their exams. That is an excellent idea! 🙂

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