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Still No Tree

It’s December 10th, and I cannot believe that I’m admitting that I still do not have my Christmas tree up yet.

I don’t have garland hung.

I don’t have the stockings hanging in front of the fireplace.

We’re still using non-themed dish towels, and my wreath is still hibernating beneath the bed.

I used to decorate my house the week of Thanksgiving.

Everything except for the tree used to be up by the time we enjoyed our big Thanksgiving meal.

Over the last two or three years, I’ve seen myself sliding.

My work responsibilities leave me exhausted.

With the kids growing older, there’s nobody around to help me take everything down and put stuff away after the holidays.

It’s depressing besides being a lot of work for one person.

Is this what happens when you get older?

Is this what happens when your career takes over your life?

Sometimes I can’t wait for retirement when I’ll have time to enjoy the things that seem to have disappeared from me of late.

4 Responses

  1. We actually put ours up early this year: the first weekend in December. CH wanted to wait until this past weekend, but I knew I’d be too tired from Saturday. You still have time, so don’t fret! 🙂

  2. Go to my blog and listen to the song I posted…it will put everything in perspective for you…PROMISE!

  3. We put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend which is a little early, but the only weekend both kids are home before Christmas, and they want to help. I want them to help too : ) You still have time…maybe you won’t do as much, but even just a tree is festive. Don’t be too hard on yourself-you’re busy!

  4. You are not alone. As I get older I feel less like putting up the decorations. We do have our tree up, but that’s pretty much it…plus the stockings and a few nutcrackers. Life is too busy and you know you are going to have to put it all away after Christmas!

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