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Piddling Around

According to the Free Dictionary.com, the word “piddle” can be defined as:

To use triflingly; squander: piddle away one’s time.


1. To spend time aimlessly; diddle.
2. Informal To urinate.

For the purposes of this post, let’s stay focused on the first definition.


Lately, I’ve become one who enjoys piddling around.

I call it my “Me Time.”

Up to this point in my life, I’ve never felt the need for “Me Time.”

Even when my children were younger, I didn’t want to escape.  I enjoyed being with them.

Thus, I find it strange that with the kids away at college, I cannot function without “Me Time.”

One would think that as a teacher, I’d be sitting on the couch with my feet kicked up on the weekend.


That’s when I get into high gear working on lesson plans and assignments I have to complete for online classes I’m taking for various certifications.

However, I’ve discovered that if I can spend two or three hours each weekend running errands and doing miscellaneous chores around the house…in other words, “piddling around,” I feel a lot better and can focus much easier on the more difficult tasks at hand.

Today’s piddling involved hitting up Kohl’s for a pair of shoes to wear with my skinny jeans.

I’ve gotta say that I love Kohl’s for many reasons.  Today, I found a pair of shoes that I thought were on sale for $19.97.  When I got to the register, they rang up for $39.97.  Apparently, the pair came in another color…a color that was the only one on sale.


The associate kindly matched the price for me, and I walked out of there after spending about $17…after using my 20% coupon!

My errands also included visits to Home Depot, CVS (20% coupon), Walmart (goodies for the basketball boys I’ve adopted at school), and Taco Bell for a vegan-friendly rice bowl.

Chores at home included selecting my clothes for the week (yes, I’m that anal), bleaching / defunk-i-fying my toilets and sinks, changing the air filter, and performing other random things.

When I finished, I was ready to take on lesson planning…a four-hour+ ordeal.

Whatever you call it…piddling or “Me Time…” it’s all the same to me.

It’s a chance to relax and remember that the world consists of more than my couch and my computer.

Thank you for visiting today and taking the time to leave a comment!

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