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Ho Ho Ho-dgepodge!

I missed the Hodgepodge last week because I was deep into planning the lesson for the observation my principal was making the next day.  I’m happy to say that the observation went very well.  My students were angels and were rewarded with cupcakes, which they truly delighted in.  I’m all set to go again this week!  Thanks, Joyce, for the fun questions!

1.  Share your traditions surrounding the Christmas stocking.

Santa fills the stockings with all sorts of goodies.  Chicky usually gets new crayons and coloring books…even at her nearly-official-adult age.  Rooster gets trinkets and such.  It’s a fun way that Santa adds bonus gifts to the lot he delivers.

2.  How many hours of sleep do you average at night?  Is it enough?

I don’t average near the number that I should!!  I usually hit the bed between midnight and 1am and arise between 5:30 and 6.  So, on average, I can count on 4 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep per night.

That is why I spend the first month of the summer hibernating like a bear.


3.  If you had to give up one thing for the remainder of this year what would it be?

I’d love to go on a really long juice fast…longer than the fourteen-day one I did last Spring.  There is something very freeing about giving up food.  Strange?  Perhaps.  Good for the figure?  You betcha!

4.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or Wills and Kate as I like to call them) have announced they’re expecting a baby. Do you follow news of the Royals?

I am so excited for this couple, whom I do read about if it’s convenient.  I’m not a stalker or anything.  It’s wonderful to see a famous couple actually in love for a change and not caving to all of the drama that being in the public eye typically brings with it.  Princess Di would be ecstatic!

5.  For me,  the sound of childhood is__________________.

For me, the sound of childhood is that which you hear coming from a playground, where children run around fancy-free with scarcely a care in the world and all of the energy of youth.

6.  Fruit cake-yay or boo? What’s your favorite dessert made with fruit?

I cannot honestly say that I’ve tasted fruitcake before, but the looks of it make me want to gag.

I rarely eat dessert anymore because everything contains milk!!!  I think I’ll stretch this out a bit and say that something sweet I enjoy is a Sonic Cherry Slushy.  It comes with a cherry at the bottom.  Does that count?

7.  What is one thing you want to accomplish before 2012 comes to an end?

I wouldn’t mind finishing a shawl I began knitting this past summer.  My teaching duties do not allow for many free moments or a brain that’s relaxed enough to focus on the intricate stitches in the pattern.  Perhaps during Christmas break, I’ll give it a go.  I’m on the final chart, so maybe…just maybe…I’ll be able to finish it.

8.  My Random Thought

Yesterday, my students told me that I am not ratchet.

What does this mean?

I have no idea.

When I cried out in dismay and begged for a definition, they told me that 1) It’s a good thing that I’m not ratchet, and 2) They would not explain what it means but that it’s bad…bad…bad.

Instead, they told me that I’m a nerd…even wearing my shirt tucked in like a nerd and looking all nerdy with my skinny jeans rolled up (I’m short…the pants are long) and LA Gear sneakers.

I guess I’ll satisfy myself with being nerdy…

And never, ever calling anyone “ratchet.”

I’d hate to not be cool.

(Did I ever say how much I love what I do?  Um…only, like, in every other post!)

13 Responses

  1. I haven’t heard of being ratchet, but thanks for the warning. At least I know what NOT to say! I thought of the playground, too, when I read “sound of childhood.”

  2. I always loved our stocking tradition when my kids were small, they got such a kick out of them.
    I can’t say that I have ever heard the term ratchet. Those slang terms kids use are sometimes best left unexplained.
    I think my husband could sleep 12 to 14 hours and often does on the weekends. I could never sleep that much. I do good to get 6 or 7 hours sleep. I would have to be drugged to sleep as long as he does.

  3. I love Sonic slushies. And a cherry is fruit, so it counts in my book! 🙂 I too have never heard that term ‘ratchet’. Good to know I shouldn’t use it, I’ll keep that in mind. Too funny! 😀

  4. Sadly we don’t have Sonic in our area, but we always get a limeade when we’re down South. There are worse things than being a nerd : ) Have a great day!

  5. … ‘the energy of youth’….I like that scenario you created with your answer on that question.

    BTW, your link is broken at Hodgepodge. You may want to go back over there and re-add your link.

  6. Glad to hear your observation went well! Mine’s tomorrow. Ahhh! lol but love teaching and my students 🙂 I’d like to go on a juicefast too!

  7. I love that you love what you do 🙂

    I would still love coloring books myself… when we had to fly, I take coloring things to calm me down 🙂

  8. ratchet….that’s a new one to me. May have to google that. I love Sonic’s lemon berry slush. Yum!

    Hope you get a chance to finish your shawl.

    • Looked up ratchet and he’s the short definition according to the Urban Dictionary…A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong.

  9. What in the world could being a ratchet mean? I might have to pass that one by Abby when she gets home…I’m stumped! Yay for your observation going well…told you it would!

  10. Glad Cathy took the time for a definition of “ratchet”! Aren’t you glad you’re not? 🙂

  11. couldn’t get your link from joyce’s to work…had to click on your sidebar to see it…

  12. Ratchet – look here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ratchet
    I think th ekids are right, it’s a good thing you’re not ratchet.

    From a fellow nerd.

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