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You Did That

Boy, am I a bad blogger lately!

Last night, I ran into a friend of mine, a first-year principal who started a blog a few months ago, and she apologized for not having responded to a comment I’d made.  She also told me that she was going to subscribe to my blog.  I assured her that she hadn’t missed much as my blogging has been haphazard of late.

The reason why I haven’t blogged much is that this has been a very busy time for me.

I had the first of two observations, so I had a lot of thinking, planning, and more thinking (maybe I should say “overthinking”) to do.

All went well, I am happy to say.  I’ll be blogging about that tomorrow.

What I wanted to share was some new lingo I learned this week.

When you work with teenagers, you get to keep up with the latest and greatest in everything…music, movies, clothing, and lingo.

You already know that I took advantage of Black Friday sales to pick up new clothes.

I was eager to show off the new threads at school, so I wore a pair of my skinny jeans, paired with a blingy customized t-shirt I had made.  I wore a pair of Skechers that I’ve had for a while.

Well, let me tell you that while the kids liked the new look, they HATED the shoes.

The boys who entered first period were not shy about dogging them.

The girls were more polite, telling me, “Well, I wouldn’t wear them, but if you like them, then that’s all that matters.”

Yeah.  Right.

One of my girls in my 6th period class told me, “I’m surprised that you are wearing those.  You usually have on cute shoes.”

Gee.  Thanks.

Another girl went so far as to look me up and down and say, “You did that.  But the shoes.  No.”

I’d never heard that phrase before…”You did that” except in strictly literal terms…so I had to ask her what she meant…if it was a good or a bad thing.

She repeated the statement, “You did that.”



“But is it good or bad?” I repeated.

“It’s good,” she said, “Except for the shoes.”

Ok.  Gotcha.

On Thursday, I wore a sparkly red shirt and new pants.  I also had on a cute pair of grey plaid flats I’d bought at Old Navy.

I wasn’t sure about pairing up the shoes with the rest of the outfit, but I’d gone for it.

The kids ooohed and ahhhhed at my outfit.

My 6th period student…the one mentioned above…said, “You did that.”

I had to smile.

I’d done good.

Friday, I wore a school soccer sweatshirt, a different pair of new skinny jeans, and a different pair of white lace up sneakers.

I was very nervous given the response to my shoes a few days before.

My worries were not necessary.  My little girl gave me the validation I needed when she declared, “You did that” again.

I laughingly told her that I’d be blogging about her comment.

It’s always good to know what they kids mean when they say something.

Actually, maybe it’s not always good.


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