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Gas Station Goodbye

If you were driving past Walmart this morning, you might have witnessed an interesting sight…

That of a mama and daddy hugging their sweet girl and her puppy goodbye.

Yes, a gas station isn’t one of those places that movie directors use as their settings for goodbyes, but the truth of it is that when you’re stretching every moment you have with a child, you don’t always select the prettiest place from which to separate from them.

Oh, the bittersweet feelings that invaded my body as I got into my own car to drive away.

As she drove out of the lot, I rolled down my window to give one final wave.

Her smile as she waved back lit up her own car.

Cali, the puppy, was standing on the console between the seats, happy to be on the road with her mama again.

No matter what where the location, goodbyes are never easy.

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