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The Day After

Black Friday…the day after Thanksgiving…

I usually do not venture outside of the house.

I loathe shopping…for the most part…especially when there are large crowds of people involved.

However, I had a couple of Kohl’s coupons that I’d received in the mail.

Besides that, with Chicky home, I didn’t want to miss spending a moment with her.

So off we went with me adorned in a Christmas sweater and new bling I’d purchased two weekends ago…

Kohl’s was a huge success, and I found a few things to add to my closet.

I even ran into a friend while I was there.

A little later, Chicky, the Mr., and I headed out to Old Navy.

Oh my, but we hit the jackpot there!  I selected quite a few things to try on…

I bought two pairs of jeans (my first skinny jeans), a few shirts, and a cute pair of shoes.

Chicky also got some much-needed items.  She’s got to spend part of her Spring semester observing a classroom, and next Fall, she’ll be doing her student teaching.  New clothes are high on her list this Christmas.

The mail arrived shortly after we arrived home, and I found a package from my friend, Christina…

My little knitting group at school has been having a lot of fun digging through my yarn.  The girls are especially drawn to bright colors.

Because Christina could open a yarn store with her humongous stash (*cough, cough*), I asked if she would be willing to donate any.  I paid her for the shipping…a small pittance compared to what she stuffed in that flat rate box!!!

She included a special treat, my Christmas present, in the box…

Very Auburn-ish, don’t you think?  I grinned from ear-to-ear when I saw it!

Now, though, as the day is drawing to a close, I’m starting to feel sad.

Chicky leaves in the morning, and Rooster leaves on Sunday.

Fortunately, they will be home in a couple of weeks, but still…the week-long visit has been so much fun, and I don’t want it to end!!  I’ll be counting down the hours until their cars turn into my driveway for the long Christmas break!!

One Response

  1. Mine head home later today. I fight the blues beginning bedtime the night before. Sigh.

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