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It’s About the Moment, Not the Money

Today, after my first class, I began to clean up and prepare for the next group of students.

That’s when I came across the following, folded in half, with my name on it, and a notation for “After 2nd period.”


The note was left by a quiet young man who sits in the back of my room.

He rarely speaks out in class, and at first, he had a difficult time completing assignments.

I’ve been working with him, and he is now doing much better, thanks to me breaking his assignments down into more manageable pieces.

I recently discovered, through his written responses on Edmodo, that he has a gift for writing. His grammar is nearly perfect. I’ve given him glowing feedback, and he is thriving.

So, the note…well…it really touched my heart.

One of the things that struggling readers have a difficult time doing is advocating for themselves.

This young man’s confidence is growing so much that he is now comfortable asking for assistance.

I showed my mentor his note, and she was moved to tears.

Needless to say, I will be picking up a cursive handwriting workbook for him and spending time teaching him this skill.

Teaching is definitely not about the money.

It’s about a moment…one that you won’t find in many occupations…when trust become tangible.

I am privileged to do what I do.

2 Responses

  1. This is the sweetest post. 🙂 He obviously trusts and respects you a great deal. Keep that note forever.

  2. Oh.My. I have tears in my eyes reading this! I agree with the above comment…keep that note! You may need it a few years down the road!

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