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A Blingy Kind of Day

I stayed up until 3am grading assignments on Edmodo, working on my first Reading Endorsement 4 assignment, and then reading the stuff for next week’s assignment.

Once I got on a roll, I couldn’t stop!

I slept until 11:45 though, so that was good.

My friend, Barb, and I had tentatively made plans to visit a holiday shopping fundraiser thing that our local Junior Women’s League puts on each year.

Barb called me and told me that her lunch plans had fallen through, so we were a go.

I quickly got ready, and she picked me up.

We had to drive over the bridge to the beach, and what a beautiful view we had!!

The shindig is always held in a hotel’s ballroom, and it is fancy, with lots of vendors selling their wares to anyone willing (and even those unwilling) to spend a dime or two.

Despite our brave declarations of not spending much, it didn’t take long for us to cave.

By the second stall, we were in deep.

Oh my, but the bling was simply too much to resist!

We tried on more jewelry than I can even remember.

Everything from rings to bracelets found their way into our willing hands.

There were soooo many things I liked.

The first bracelets I bought were remade to fit my tiny wrists…

The owner of the business was the cutest girl I think I’ve ever met.  She’s the mom of two very young children.  We discovered that she’s able to make her jewelry when her babies are napping.  Kudos to small business owners like her!!

Another stall that drew my attention also had bling…the kind you put on t-shirts.

I found one I liked, but the size was too large.

No worries!  She had a small, and while I shopped, she added the sparkles…

This is a long-sleeved shirt that I will be wearing at next week’s game!!

Barb and I continued to shop.

I picked up this darling scarf…

We made out way round the room one more time…partially to pick up the shirt that was being made for me but also to make sure that nothing had escaped our attention.

We found the following keyrings…blingy of course…at another stall…

One could argue that those are Georgia colors.  We prefer to say they are our high school colors.

Needless to say, I bought it.

Even my keys will be sparkly.


We continued shopping.

We stopped at yet another booth…one we’d visited and played at earlier but had escaped from, unscathed.

Apparently, we’d missed an entire table.


We explored.

That’s where I found the following, which I HAD to have…

I know the picture is a little blurry.  It’ s a little difficult to take a picture when you’re giddy with excitement over the bling you’ve just purchased.


I fell in love with the bracelet for several reasons.  First of all, it fit.  LOL.  Second of all, it’s a little stretchy which helps with the fit.  Third, though, was the unique clasp (yes, it has one despite the stretchy band)…

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?????

I had also fallen in love with the stretch rings the gal was selling.

I wanted something that matched, and when she pulled out the ring that was in the same collection as the bracelet, I was completely and utterly in love…

You can’t tell from my picture, but the setting around the stones and the stones themselves are a pinkish/orangish color and match the bracelet perfectly!


I made both items mine.

They will be worn a lot…especially with that blinged up shirt I bought for the game.


We finally had to call it a day.

I had not really noticed, but the crowd had thinned.

That’s because it was almost time for the event to shut down.

We had spent about four hours shopping.

I had not seen the time fly.

We ended our evening by eating onion rings at the little restaurant/bar inside the hotel…watching Texas A&M beat Alabama at the same time.

What a fine ending to the day.


As we left the beach, the lights from the condos twinkled through the dark…

I’d originally planned to work all day.

If you could see my kitchen counters, you’d see that I have more to do than time to do it in.

Instead, I played.

It was a much needed day of play.

Barb needed the day as well.  She’s a very hard worker and hardly ever sits down.  She’s constantly looking after the reading teachers, taking care of our kids (errant and not) so that we can help our babies reach their potential.

We laughed so much today.

That’s important for me.  I don’t have a lot of friends and tend to take myself way too seriously.

I guess you could say that between the bling and the friendship, I am one very happy gal.

As I begin my evening of work, desperately trying to finish the grading I haven’t had time to do in a while, I’ll catch flashes of brilliance as the lamp shines on the bling, and I’ll smile, remembering the wonderful day I had.

3 Responses

  1. So glad you had a great day! We all need days like that! If we lived closer I think we would be deadly when it came to shopping!!

  2. Well, I feel like I was at the show right beside you. What fun and would love to have actually been able to attend. I loved all your “finds.” So glad you had such an enjoyable day. Those are good for our soul! Happy Lord’s Day!

  3. Those are some great finds! So happy you were able to let loose and have some fun! You earned it!

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