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What’s Wrong With this Picture?

Teachers everywhere are enduring lots of changes in the performance evaluation systems in our districts.  Such changes are mandated by national incentive programs such as Race to the Top.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve the quality of education that this nation’s students receive.

My state’s evaluation system is complicated.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newly hired teacher or one who has been around for a while.

Everything is confusing.

We’re doing our best, though.

Last year, new teachers like myself were observed twice.  Data was put into the computer, but we had to wait for student performance on the FCAT to find out what our overall rating would be.  Ratings ranged from Unsatisfactory to Highly Effective.

Nobody really had any idea how all of the numbers would be meshed together to arrive at our final rating.

Well, today we received our final numbers…along with the “explanation” of how our numbers were calculated.

Take a look…


Yes, folks, that is my performance rating, in a nutshell.

If someone can explain this to me, I’d appreciate it.

Make sure you dumb it down, though.

I am but a mere reading teacher who doesn’t have a *@!&# clue what any of the symbols above mean, much less how they correlate to the work I do in my classroom.

Based on my mere three years in the classroom plus two years subbing, here’s how I think the formula should read:

# of hours spent making lesson plans PLUS number of students giving it an honest effort MINUS absent parental/guardian support MINUS parental/guardian accountability PLUS # of hours teachers spent nurturing and encouraging students PLUS the # of hours teachers spent holding students accountable for things parents let slide PLUS # of dollars teachers spent out of their own pockets funding activities and buying supplemental material, books, and magazines to benefit students PLUS # of tears shed by teachers over lost students, rude comments, and sheer exhaustion PLUS # of hours spent at extracurricular activities that teachers’ students are participating in PLUS # of smiles exchanged between teachers and students PLUS # of aha moments

EQUALS teacher rating

If the number comes out greater than 0, the teacher gets the distinguished recognition of having made an impact on a child’s life, and the teacher moves on to teach another day and another classroom of students.

My formula is way easier than the other mumbo jumbo, don’t you think?

3 Responses

  1. Definitely a better formula!

    The technical math equation illustrates that our educational system is broken, and the solution is for the Feds to allow the states to regulate their own education departments. Enough already with the Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind!

  2. Love your formula! I hate that some mathematical formula is going to override all of the positives you do on a daily basis.

  3. I agree 🙂

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