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Sign of the Times

I walked into the office at school today and saw this on the counter…

I stopped when I noticed something different on the box…the bank cards and electronic gadget!!

Since when did Monopoly have bank cards?

I was so surprised!

I remember the days of arguing over who would be the banker. There was a rush of joy that accompanied the responsibility of dispersing money. There was evil delight when game players went bankrupt.

Now, you guys know that I love gadgets, so I will admit that the whole “slide the bank card through the thingy” makes me happy, but I cannot help but get philosophical.

What are we teaching kids by having them use plastic?

What does this say about having cash to back up our “borrowing?”

I guess, ultimately, this makes me feel both sad and old at the same time.

This game is a classic. It has always been the go-to game that stayed the same.

Not anymore! It went through an overhaul when I wasn’t looking.

This is what you would call a sign of the times, eh?

2 Responses

  1. I’ve heard about this “updated” game, but I’ve never seen one or talked to anyone who’s played it. It’s definitely a sign of our times.

  2. Very sad! Don’t think I’d even want to give it a try 😉

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