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Happy Birthday, Dad

Dear Dad,

Today is your birthday.

Although you passed away in 2001, not a birthday goes by without me thinking of you.

I even mentioned your birthday during one of the classes I taught today, and my students expressed sadness for my loss.

You were an amazing man.

Although we only had a few years together thanks to a little thing called “divorce,” the time we did spend reconnecting were wonderful and even more special because of the years spent apart.

I’d like to think I get my quirkiness from you.

My students would thank you for that because it keeps life interesting in my classroom.

I didn’t get your height.

Gee.  Thanks for passing that gene along.


I really could have used it with this thing called a Smart Board that I teach with.

Your fondness for history and books manifest themselves in me, and it’s spurred many a student to read because of my enthusiasm.

I wonder what you’d be reading today if you were still alive.

Oh, I don’t mean to get sad.

Birthdays are supposed to be celebrations.

So tonight, while the house is quiet and my thoughts are settling, I will celebrate.

I’ll have a glass of wine in your honor.

Sorry, but it’s of the cheaper kind…you’d get heartburn, I know.

Thank you for the kindness you always had for animals.  You definitely passed that on to me, and I have four furry babies to prove it (they thank you as well).

Thank you for your determination to be number one.  That example of hard work instilled in me the desire to live up to every bit of potential that lives inside of me.

Thanks for always carrying toilet paper in your car.

No, I don’t carry toilet paper with me, but I carry just about everything else.  It’s almost a joke, but I’m the last one laughing when someone needs something, and I happen to have it.


I wish we would have had more time to get to know one another, but I’m grateful for what we did have.

Happy Birthday.

I miss you.



One Response

  1. I scrolled down after the Hodgepodge and read this post… beautiful, friend. We never do forget our loved ones who pass away, do we? Your father was truly blessed to have you as his daughter. Prayers for you…

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