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Back He Goes

Late Friday afternoon, here’s what I saw in my garage…

Two cars in the garage can only mean one thing…

One of my babies is HOME!!!

Rooster surprised me during a phone conversation last week by telling me that he was coming home for the weekend!!!  I was so excited, but the week got away from me before I could do such fun things as wash his sheets.


It didn’t matter.  The most important thing was that he was home.

I headed out to my school’s homecoming game while Rooster hung out with the Mr. before heading over to his youth pastor’s house to visit.

Rooster came home late, and though I’d crawled into bed shortly before, I was wide awake as I heard the garage door open.

We had a delightful conversation as he caught me up on some of his goings-ons.

He headed off to bed, Gambit following close behind…glad to have his boy home again.

We both slept in the next day before he headed out to get a hair cut.

Later, we went to Beef O’Brady’s and watched Auburn get beat…again (story of our lives this year, unfortunately).

Rooster then headed to the beach to catch up with a good friend of his.  Later, he went to a different friend’s house.

Meanwhile, I waited.

No.  Actually, I watched a bit of football and then napped the afternoon away.

I did no lesson planning.

When Rooster came home later that night, we had another wonderful conversation.

He’s such a terrific young man…always a joy to talk to.

That’s why I greeted Sunday with gritted teeth and a Grrr.

Mamas don’t like to say goodbye.

That is what I did, though, as I saw him load his clean clothes (yes, he brought them home to wash…it’s not just something that we college parents say happens).

He also took a bag of canned food that we’d pulled from my pantry for a fundraiser competition Auburn is participating against with Alabama.

Rooster was headed out to hunt with relatives in south Alabama before heading back to Auburn.

He was decked out in all camo…bestill my beating heart.  If you’ve grown up in the South, camo is just one of those things that makes your heart go pitter-patter.

Redneck sounding, I know, but I remember watching the boys in my class come into school after deer hunting…eyes bloodshot from their early mornings spent sitting in deer stands.

Rooster posed for obligatory photos, and off he went.

I threw out lots of “I love you’s” as he drove away.

Back he went…away from his mama.

He won’t be home until Thanksgiving, but I’ll get to see him in a few weeks for Auburn’s homecoming and his fraternity’s parent’s weekend.

The days won’t pass quickly enough for my taste though!

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and satisfy myself with the sweet memories we created this weekend.

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