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Dear T

Dear T,

You may think of yourself only as a 12th grade football player, but today you became something else…my angel.

You walked into a guidance counselor’s office just as I was leaving, and after seeing me in tears, you said, “What’s this? Why are you crying?”

You didn’t know what had happened. In fact, before two weeks ago, you didn’t even know who I was. It was your Alabama shirt that gave me a reason to pause and give you a hard time…all in fun, of course. As we crossed paths after that first encounter, we always exchanged War Eagle/Roll Tide pleasantries.

Although you didn’t know why I was upset today, you gave me a hug as the counselor explained that I was crying because I cared so much for my students.

You and I are very different.

You are a teenager; I am an adult with grown children.

You are about to embark on some of the greatest and most poignant years of your life. I am, according to my friend Barb, middle-aged.

We come from vastly different worlds, yet we’ve formed a friendship born of SEC football and education.

You made my day when you reached out to me, and for that, I’ll always consider you more than a jock who wants to play ball at the “other school.”

You became God’s angel of mercy, and I thank you.

I feel sorry for those who do not have the opportunity to work with children, for they are missing out on experiences with some of the most wise, observant, and caring individuals that God created.

2 Responses

  1. You are so right! Working with kids is a blessing everyday. We are so lucky to have that privilege…

  2. I am so very glad you were able to feel His touch today, through a child!

    I find that those children have more God in them than most others. You can see Him in adults but for me, God uses children way more than adults!


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