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Sharing More Than Words

Sometimes this profession I’m in calls me to do more than feed my students words.

Sometimes, I have to really feed them…literally…

One of my students approached me yesterday and explained that she was staying with her sister and didn’t have lunch money.  She asked if she could borrow a couple of dollars and promised to pay it back.

I NEVER carry cash with me.


God had prepared the way, though, and I happened to have money in my coin purse, which I gladly handed over.

This little girl is especially precious to me.  I taught her last year, and she was hardly ever at school.

She’d been transferred into my room from another class, and she had major trust issues.

I had discovered, after questioning her gently, that she was having some serious family issues that were causing her to miss school.

I think she was also choosing to skip school, as evidenced by the goal she wrote for herself this year…to stop skipping school.

When she entered my room on the first day this year, I gushed over her and told her how happy I was to have her back.

Every day, I share affirming words with her.

I want to make her feel worthy and cared for.

Thus, yesterday’s plea for assistance was HUGE.

It signified trust.

Last night, when I was getting my football boys’ bags ready, I reached into my pantry for extra goodies.

See, God had prepared me for this day as well.

I never, ever go shopping, if I can help it.

Last Friday, my friend, Jane, and I had eaten lunch together and then hit Target, where I bought a cart full of goodies from the dollar bin…loads of snacks…intending the yummies to hit my boys’ bellies.

God had other plans.

I put everything in a pretty little bag…

The fruit was what I had left from a package I’d bought for my boys.

Here’s what I’m taking to school today…

Folks, I don’t share this because I seek glory for myself.

It’s simply that I’ve been reminded that I am an extension of God’s hands, tending to those who need Him most.

I don’t know if my students are followers of Christ.

That’s not for me to know.

What I do know is that they can come to understand who God is through seemingly simple actions.

There is a world of hurting people…desperate for others to take notice and lend a helping hand, whether it’s though something tangible or intangible, such as a listening ear…

…or a bag full of snacks.


3 Responses

  1. My daughter who is teaching now has been struck by the number of children who are hungry. So sad. I”m glad you’re able to fill in a gap in this girl’s life.

  2. So many children are falling between the cracks – uncaring or dysfunctional families, poverty or homelessness. Like the story of the starfish on the beach you are making a difference in the life of this one child: it makes me smile.

  3. So glad you are ready and willing to help.

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